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EFT. It's easy to take care of something you value.

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping is a technique which combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology, also known as energy psychology. EFT balances the body's energy system by tapping with the fingertips on selected points along the energy meridians, thereby literally tapping into the body’s own energy and healing power. EFT leads to the experience of freedom from past negative thoughts and memories.

EFT uses affirmations while tapping certain acupressure points to release old pain and substitute new ideas and new mindsets. It has been referred to as detoxification at the emotional and spiritual level and acupuncture for the emotions but without the needles.

Tapping can be done on negative emotions, pain and disease symptoms (because every disease has an emotional component), limiting beliefs or traumatic memories. With EFT, we have an opportunity to rewrite our unconscious programming that, in most cases, was done between birth and the age of seven. EFT can help with eating issues by clearing the emotional blockages to health-promoting behaviour.

A problem almost always arises from an internal conflict where different parts are in opposition to each other. With EFT, these parts can easily be reconciled and the issue thereby easily resolved.

What are the benefits of EFT?
  • Freedom from negative emotions, past fears, upsets and limiting beliefs
  • Removing blocks to successful relationships
  • Releasing limiting money beliefs
  • Alleviating physical pain
  • Improving performance in any area of life: sports, acting, music, public speaking and exams
  • Fulfilling true potential
    "Healing is removing any impediments to love."

EFT. EFT tapping points

How does it work?
Energy psychology is based on the understanding that we are more than just our physical bodies. Is is part of a new paradigm based on Quantum physics and the premise that matter ultimately consists of energy. Chinese and Indian traditions have described the subtle structures of our energetic anatomy such as chakras and acupuncture meridians for millenia.

Unresolved difficulties, stresses and trauma can create blockages and imbalance in the body's energy system. These result in spiritual, mental or emotional problems which will ultimately manifest in the physical body as disease. EFT offers an effective tool to identify and dissolve such blockages wherever they occur. EFT is therefore not only helpful in preventing illness, but also a way of addressing the root cause of any existing state of disease. The natural flow of energy always moves towards health and well-being. The body has an innate ability to heal. Eliminating the causes of unwellness from the deepest layers up throughout the system allows balance to be restored and enables body and mind to self-heal.

EFT is a simple, non-invasive technique, which can be applied and used on self and others. Change can sometimes be experienced in minutes. But long-standing and major physical or emotional problems usually need to be resolved layer by layer and require persistence and a skilled therapist to guide and support the process. Because it is so easy to learn, I invite my clients to learn the basic EFT routine themselves, so that they can have this incredible tool "at their fingertips" whenever needed - it's truly empowering!

Watch a short video to learn how to tap here.

Scientific research into EFT
Visit the EFT Universe website for more information, a guide on how to tap and links to scientific research papers on EFT. Almost weekly research continues to show EFT as being truly effective on self-esteem, self-compassion, stress, anxiety and depression.

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