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Neurofeedback. Embrace your potential

What is Neurofeedback?

Alongside EFT, I have been using neurofeedback since 2017. Neurofeedback has been developed and perfected over the past 40 years. Neurofeedback is also known as brain training. It helps the brain regain its innate resilience and flexibility that life erodes. We now know that the brain develops and changes throughout our lives through neuroplasticity, which has been scientifically proven. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new neural pathways.

Neurofeedback uses the brain’s electrical activity to detect turbulences and sends an audible signal in real time to ‘show’ the brain what has just occurred. The brain has the ability to self-regulate, but only if it knows what has just occurred. Think of it as holding a mirror up to your brain.

Neuroptimal is not a medical device, it’s a consciousness tool. Consciousness basically means reconnecting with our bodies, our felt sense. We have all been more or less disconnected, ie dissociated, from our bodies through childhood trauma and life experiences. When we lose this connection to our bodies, we lose a very precious guide to discern what is beneficial for us and what is detrimental. This applies to all areas of our life, including food, substances and all other addictions (overactivity, overconsumption, shopping). Becoming conscious of our habits will more often than not result in a change. Reconnecting with our bodies also gives us access to our intuition and greater creativity.

A traumatised nervous system gets stuck in the ‘stress’ position after a stimuli, instead of reverting back to normal functioning like a resilient nervous system. Think of the antelope grazing in the plain. A lion arrives, the antelope runs for its life, but as soon as the danger is gone (and the antelope has survived), the antelope returns to peacefully grazing. All of this within minutes. In the ‘stress’ position, traumatised memories are formed, emotions (energy in motion) get stuck (fear, anger, sadness) and things/events can’t be forgotten or forgiven.
"Happiness is the journey, not the destination."

Neufeedback is about building resilience and flexibility, ie. reducing fear, stress and anxiety. In the process, we reduce our fear around showing our emotions, our weaknesses and our vulnerability. We reduce our fears around setting boundaries and asking for what we want and need. We reduce our fears around feeling our pain, sadness and regret. A resilient and flexible nervous system is capable of handling life’s difficulties. We reduce our fears around being who we really are as opposed to who we have always pretended to be. When we do all that, life becomes easier, lighter and happier.

We lose the fear of expressing ourselves, having our opinions heard, voicing our concerns. We lose the fear, ie inhibition, of creating, whether that is through art, music or words or all of the above. So, if you would like more ease and flow in your creativity, neurofeedback is for you!

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, one of the world’s leading experts on trauma, dedicates a chapter of his book “The Body Knows the Score” to neurofeedback as one of the healing modalities he recommends.

Even though transformations are taking place in every session, the real beauty and strength of neurofeedback is revealed in long-term, possibly daily, use at home by yourself, your spouse, your children and your extended family. The company’s motto is “Families that train together, stay together”. Chronic conditions, illnesses, symptoms including weight issues, have developed over and been maintained in place for many decades. It therefore follows that they need long-term help and support to be addressed.

Neurofeedback doesn’t cure or heal, it (re)connects you to your innate healing ability!

On the journey with neurofeedback, buried negative emotions, like anger, sadness and fear often surface. We all carry ‘emotional baggage’. When this happens, EFT is the ideal tool to safely accompany the body’s release of these feelings.

There is a perfect synergy. Neurofeedback is a consciousness tool and EFT is a healing tool. There is, of course, a bit of overlap, but doing neurofeedback alone won’t necessarily heal, and doing EFT alone will take a lot longer, because in order to heal we need to become conscious of our unhelpful thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

I am not currently offering neurofeedback sessions as part of my therapy practice. I highly recommend that clients invest in a neurofeedback system at home. Contact me to discuss the best system to buy.

If you are serious about healing, then you owe it to yourself to invest in a neurofeedback system.

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