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"My time spent working with Christina has been transformational. In only six months she has helped me deconstruct and reposition over 20 years worth of negatively geared beliefs, emotions and actions around eating, dieting, dating, body shaming and control issues. Deciding to seek help from an eating disorder specialist was not easy as I have long argued with myself over whether I fit the ED label. But through my sessions we have identified that eating is only the symptom of my problem, not the cause, and I know I cannot discover these answers on my own. Tapping has allowed me to uncover unknown worries and beliefs and externalise them to bring self awareness and peace. Christina has been instrumental in getting to the honest truth and she does so without judgement. Her positive insight and rational logic is calming, inspiring and effective." K.H., Programme Manager, London

"I had suffered from binge eating disorder for years and came to Christina at a low point where I lost hope that it would stop. After 8 sessions with Christina, my relapses were less frequent and less severe. Sometimes she played the role of a coach, guiding me to uncover underlying assumptions I had on topics affecting my behaviour - about food, health, self-worth, and pleasure - and their origins. Other times she was a mentor, sharing ideas that challenged my thinking and improved my life beyond my relationship with food. What made it effective for me was her timing; she knew when to question, when to challenge, and when to hold space so I felt it was safe to release emotions. Equally key, was the compassion and presence in which she facilitated each session. For anyone looking to engage with EFT to uncover stagnant emotions and develop healthier behaviours, I would wholeheartedly recommend Christina." Grateful, London  

"Therapy with Christina has helped me understand that all my problems are in my own head and therefore easily treatable. She has helped me relax in stressful situations through a more realistic perspective of life. She has helped me build a much better and stronger relationship with myself, and understand that this relationship is key to all others. Christina has helped me love and accept myself, the basis of a life full of love and happiness. Her approach to therapy is immediate relief like a good clean out that can and should be done regularly, not one that takes months to start making you feel better. Her approach starts working from the first session. Christina's approach combines talking about issues with a kind of guided mantra that really embeds what you discuss rather than leaving it as a conversation. Therapy with Christina has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to each session to see what new tools and insights I gain. I would be first in line to recommend therapy with Christina for anyone who wants to get more out of life, relationships, career, whatever issues are holding you back." N.W., Global Marketing Manager, Munich, Germany
"Make sure a yes to someone else isn't a no to yourself."

"Christina has been a total pleasure to work with. She has enabled me to reassess not only my emotional and psychological issues, but also the way I deal with them. Despite her expertise in eating related disorders, Christina's help to me has far surpassed one domain, and instead has allowed me to find increased balance and happiness in a multitude of different areas in my life. I find myself stepping out of her appointments with a sense of weight lifted off my shoulders, a renewed enthusiasm for life, and a real sense of positivity.... I could not recommend her more highly." PR Executive, London

"My journey with Christina has helped me transform as a person. I went to Christina because I had an eating disorder for 15 years that I just couldn't shrug. She helped guide me through the tough times when I felt out of control  and unable to listen, or trust my instinct about food by providing nutritional advice.  She broke down my toxic food myths and helped me develop a much gentler, healthier approach to eating. I have tackled and overcome many obstacles with Christina that previously overruled my life. As we have progressed in therapy, Christina has helped me to understand and explore my thoughts and feelings and develop compassion for my past and present self which has given me a great deal of peace. Christina has given me the freedom I have always wanted with food and an awareness of self that is just continuing to grow with each session." L.A., Physiotherapist, Germany 

"After ten years of bulimia I decided it was time to stop. I thought I'd be able to 'get rid of it', on my own. However I kept failing and also started suffering fairly severely with anxiety. With this I got in touch with Christina and as cliche as it sounds, she has actually helped me change my life. I've been having sessions with Christina for almost a year and she has helped me so much more than I thought anyone would be able to. I no longer consider myself bulimic and I can't remember the last time I really felt anxious. This has made me so much happier and I can't thank or rate Christina enough." H.H., Equine Technician, Leicestershire

"Christina helped me to understand my eating issues and why I had turned to food. I finally felt like someone understood my battles with various diets and overeating over the years and why I was trapped in a cycle of repeated failures. She gave me useful coping methods to help me start to break my previous patterns. Christina is very easy to talk to and I gained an awful lot from our sessions together." K.W., London

"Since I have been seeing Christina, she has helped me battle my life-long damaging eating habits, and has stopped me yo-yo dieting. I now feel so much healthier and more importantly, in control of my body. She has been a true inspiration, kind, nurturing and non-judgmental. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The proof is in the results!" D.V., Freelance Photographer, South West London

"Not only has Christina been hugely helpful in educating me on which are the right foods and right combinations to eat, she has also, through NLP and other techniques, helped empower me to make changes to the way I think and feel about food. My relationship with food is now a healthier and happier one." C.B.

"Through Christina’s guidance, I have learned a lot about the benefits of making healthy dietary choices and their effects on my body and mind. She understands the issues and offers real life practical solutions. Christina is a very professional and encouraging coach, which has helped me both in terms of being accountable to someone, as well as being able to ask questions. I am on a journey and so far she has helped me to take control of my eating habits through nutritional education and her emotional support. I am very grateful, as I am now conscious of the food choices I am making. I am sure the longer you do it, the easier it will get and it will become a lifetime change to a normal eating behaviour." P.C., Freelance Marketing, South West London

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